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About Mellben Research

Mellben Research provides qualitative and quantitative research services. We have been in operation since 2009 and have conducted research for both private and public companies. Mellben Research provides all phases of the study, from research and fieldwork to data processing. We understand, know and respect the people and culture in countries we undertake a research project. We possess a wealth of knowledge and a reputation for being independent, innovative and delivering timely work.

Mellben Research takes pride in its proficient team of highly qualified, highly motivated professionals with dynamic, innovative ideas that are certain to influence the face of the industry. We ensure that our clients are provided with solutions best suited for their needs. Our staff are always encouraged to work as a team. They are focused, responsive to clients’ needs and work to help their clients successfully. Our team values are quality, integrity, teamwork and performance. Our staff visit our clients to ascertain the type of services most suitable. They stay on top by never losing sight of the importance of providing highly personalised, professional and consultative service to our clients. Our staff work closely with our clients on a partnership basis. Their energy and know-how are at the disposal of all our clients.

We believe that customer needs are becoming increasingly diverse; these needs can no longer be satisfied by a mass-appeal strategy. In this context, market research is the first step to effective and efficient strategies.

Our success and reputation are founded on a strong commitment to client needs. We have a penchant for meeting and exceeding
expectations by doing all of the following very well, on every project.

  1. We deliver: Mellben Research has a long history of successful project delivery.
  2. We provide the best solutions
  3. We are accountable:
  4. We are inherently committed to achieving budget and timeline by employing stringent project management protocols. And we use innovation not just as a means to improve outcomes but to meet cost and time goals.
  5. We offer continuity of staff: Mellben Research experienced and long serving staff provide a rare guaranteed continuity of personnel.
  6. We are highly responsive to clients: Mellben Research has a well-earned reputation for putting our client first. If that means we need to drop everything to be on site immediately, then that's what we do.

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