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Our staff are always encouraged to work as a team. They are focused, responsive to clients’ needs and work to help their clients successfully. Our team values are quality, integrity, teamwork and performance. Our staff visit our clients to ascertain the type of services most suitable. They stay on top by never losing sight of the importance of providing a highly personalised, professional and consultative service to our clients. Our staff work closely with our clients on a partnership basis. Their energy and know-how are at the disposal of all our clients.


Dr. Byela Tibesigwa, PhD Economics, University of Cape Town:
Byela Tibesigwa is a research Director at Mellben Research. She is also a senior research fellow in the Environment for Development (EfD) initiative, which is a global network of environmental economics research centers. She has a PhD from University of Cape Town and a MA in Economics from University of Botswana. She possesses a thorough understanding of principles and policy analysis in economics with over 15 years of experience in economic research and consultancy. She hopes that her on-going research will make a positive contribution towards improving the livelihoods of sub-Saharan Africans. Dr. Tibesigwa has consulted extensively for various national, international organizations and governments.





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