Market Research Services

Mellben Research provides clients with customized market research services. We use a unique approach and solutions for our clients in relation to Market Research.  

1. We deliver: Mellben Research has a long history of successful project delivery.
2. We are accountable: We are inherently committed to achieving budget and timeline by employing stringent project management protocols.
3. We provide best solutions: we use innovation not just as a means to improve outcomes but to meet cost and time goals.
4. We offer continuity of staff: Mellben Research experienced and long serving staff provide a rare guaranteed continuity of personnel.
5. We are highly responsive to clients: Mellben Research has a well-earned reputation for putting our client first. If that means we need to drop everything to be on site immediately, then that's what we do.

Market research
Business Analysis
Business operations and distribution
Communication and Brand Management
Brand Evaluation
ROI of Advertising
Test Effectivity Of Advertising Concepts
Campaign Evaluation
Identifying & Establishing Brand Position
Brand Marketing
Human Resources Analysis
Opportunity Analysis
Competitive analysis
Advertising Effectiveness Of Competitors
Consumer Research
Consumer Behavior And Perception
Mystery shopping
B2B research
Consumer satisfaction & loyalty Assessment
Price Management
Product Management
Product Feasibility Studies
New product concept tests
Sales and Marketing Research
Strategic Analysis
Economic research
Socio-economic studies
Biodiversity and ecosystem accounting
Environmental and resource economics
GIS spatial-data analysis
Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
Agriculture production and food security
Climate change and climate change monitoring
Urban water planning
Pollution management
Conservation policy
Strategy and action planning
Policy briefing



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