Publications By Our Senior Research Team


Assessing gender inequality in food security among small-holder farm households in urban and rural South Africa
B Tibesigwa, M Visser
World Development 88, 33-49 110

Investigating the sensitivity of household food security to agriculture-related shocks and the implication of social and natural capital
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, M Collinson, W Twine
Sustainability Science 11 (2), 193-214 48

The impact of climate change on net revenue and food adequacy of subsistence farming households in South Africa
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, J Turpie
Environment and Development Economics 20 (3), 327-353 35

Small-scale subsistence farming, food security, climate change and adaptation in South Africa: Male-female headed households and urban-rural nexus
B Tibesigwa, M Visser
Economic Research Southern Africa, Cape Town 34

Gender differences in climate change risk, food security, and adaptation: a study of rural households' reliance on agriculture and natural resources to sustain livelihoods
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, L Hunter, M Collinson, W Twine
Environment for Development Initiative. 28

A framework for selecting and designing policies to reduce marine plastic pollution in developing countries
F Alpizar, F Carlsson, G Lanza, B Carney, RC Daniels, M Jaime, T Ho, ...
Environmental Science & Policy 109, 25-35 27

Climate change and South Africa’s commercial farms: an assessment of impacts on specialised horticulture, crop, livestock and mixed farming systems
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, J Turpie
Environment, Development and Sustainability 19 (2), 607-636 22

Effects of objective and subjective income comparisons on subjective wellbeing
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, B Hodkinson
Social Indicators Research 128 (1), 361-389 20

Valuing recreational ecosystem services in developing cities: The case of urban parks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
B Tibesigwa, H Ntuli, R Lokina
Cities 106, 102853 13

Naturally available wild pollination services have economic value for nature dependent smallholder crop farms in Tanzania
B Tibesigwa, J Siikamäki, R Lokina, J Alvsilver
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10 12

Investigating the Sensitivity of Household Food Security to Agriculture-Related Shocks and the Implications of Informal Social Capital and Natural Resource Capital
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, W Twine, M Collinson
Environment for Development Initiative. 9

Multiple and concurrent sex partnerships and social norms: Young adults’ sexual relationships in the Metropolitan Communities of Cape Town, South Africa
B Tibesigwa, M Visser
Sexuality Research and Social Policy 12 (4), 301-316 8

Fisheries performance in Africa: An analysis based on data from 14 countries
F Asche, TM Garlock, W Akpalu, EC Amaechina, R Botta, NA Chukwuone, ...
Marine Policy 125, 104263 6

Long-rains crops, short-rains crops, permanent crops and fruit crops: The ‘hidden’multiple season-cropping system for adaptation to rain variability by smallholder farms
B Tibesigwa, H Ntuli, R Lokina, B Okumu, C Komba
Journal of Environmental Management 278, 111407 3

Small-holder farming, food security and climate change in South Africa: male-female and urban-rural differences
B Tibesigwa, M Visser
Environment for Development Initiative. 3

Effects of Social Norms on Multiple Partnerships: Evidence from Young Adults in the Metropolitan Communities of Cape Town, South Africa
B Tibesigwa, M Visser
Economic Research Southern Africa Working Papers 2

Naturally available pollinator decline will decrease household food security and increase the gender gap in nutrition between men and women who head smallholder farm households ...
B Tibesigwa
Environment for Development Discussion Paper-Resources for the Future (RFF) 1

In search of urban recreational ecosystem services in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
B Tibesigwa, R Lokina, F Kasalirwe, R Jacob, J Tibanywana, G Makuka
Environment for Development Discussion Paper-Resources for the Future (RFF) 1

The value of wild pollination ecosystem services to crop production: What does gender of the smallholder farmer got to do with it?
B Tibesigwa
Authorea Preprints 2020

Naturally Available Pollinator Decline Will Decrease Household Food and Increase Gender-Gap in Nutrition between Men and Women Who Head Smallholder Farm Households in Sub ...
B Tibesigwa
Working Papers-Economic Research Southern Africa 2018

Contribution of smallholder agriculture to daily calories, macronutrients, minerals and vitamins in male-and female-headed farm households in sub-Saharan Africa
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, R Lokina, RZ Jacob
Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa, 297-339 2018

‘Know Your Epidemic’: the Effects of Expected Health and Contextual Health Uncertainty on Risky Sex
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, M Bezabih
Economic Research Southern Africa Working Papers 2014

M Visser, B Tibesigwa 2012

An economic perspective on the influence of social interaction on risky behaviours
B Tibesigwa
University of Cape Town 2012

Environment for Development
B Tibesigwa, M Visser, W Twine, M Collinson


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